White Squaw of the Kanawha – My New Hero!

B.D. and I continued our trek along the Mighty Ohio at Point Pleasant, WV, on Labor Day (in pouring rain).

One woman was memorialized by murals and a statue.  When I was a little girl I used to pretend to be Annie Oakley, so “Mad” Ann Bailey is a natural to win my admiration.  Maybe when I grow up I can be just like her!

“White Squaw of the Kanawha”

“Of her antecedents little is known, except that she was the wife of a dissipated fellow, who, while under the influence of liquor, and overcome by the eloquence and flattering promises of the recruiting sergeant, enlisted in H. B. M.’s 7th foot, and was immediately sent to America, to aid other of H. B. M.’s servants in subjugating the rebels against his Majesty’s authority. When lots were drawn to see who should bring their wives with them, Bailey was fortunate enough (?) to draw a ticket; and consequently Ann came to America. Her husband passed through the campaign of 1780, and was killed about its close, leaving his wife a widow. Disgusted with the life of a sutler, which she had been leading, and yet attached to the adventurous life of a camp, she determined to become a warrier on her own accont [sic]….”

Apparently she was quite profane and often intoxicated.

“She could read and write, and possessed a considerable amount of intelligence for one in her walk of life.”



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One Response to White Squaw of the Kanawha – My New Hero!

  1. Charles Lewis Criddle says:

    Actually the above paragraph is full of historical inaccuracies. Read Virgil A. Lewis’ Life and Times of Ann Bailey Pioneer Heroine of the Kanawha Valley. This work is more scholarly and accurate.

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