Two Tenderfoots Hit the Trail

Today B.D. and I were going on the Shawshank Tour including Mansfield Reformatory until we found out the prison is closed on Saturdays as well as closed until spring.  Never loving the “fail to plan, plan to fail” adage, we had Plans Bs in place: going horseback riding in Glouster or visting a funeral museum in Marietta.  B.D. vetoed the Marietta trip and I was glad because it might have been too morbid for even me.

When we called Smoke Rise Ranch Resort  to reserve an hour, we were asked: Age – adults?  Yes.  Size – average?  We’re not skinny but we are probably average.  Oh, and we are novices as in have each ridden a horse once in our lives.

Pickles, a very gentle gentleman, was assigned to me.  B.D.’s mare was a little independent.  Our wrangler had a young stallion.  Which would we prefer, flat ground yet still scenic or something a little more rugged.  We chose flat.

Neither of us was afraid (although I was terrified the first and only other time I rode) or even nervous.

Ben the donkey did a perfect Eddie Murphy imitation.

On the way back, we stopped in Logan to visit the Washboard Museum but we pulled up five minutes before closing time.  As we drove off this dog barked at us.  I guess he was disappointed we didn’t stay.

Back home, white chili is bubbling in the oven.  It’s an easy recipe: canned Great Northern beans, canned chicken, canned chicken broth, minced garlic and salsa, served with chunked or shredded cheese on top.

P.S.  It has been a hectic week, and I was very glad to learn of a website that can help the terminally scatterbrained (without landlines) find misplaced cellphones:  It works.  How do I know?  Because I’ve used it three times!  It’s free although donations are welcome.

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