The natural rock bridge near Rockbridge

Although I’ve lived within 20-25 miles of Rockbridge Nature Preserve most of my life, until recently I was not aware of the natural bridge.

The weather was pleasant (especially for November), and I had a day off, so down 33 my chariot took me.

Walking through what looked like a Central Ohio farmland/wooded area, I kept wondering, “Am I there yet?”  1.75 miles round trip seemed forever, perhaps due to the rugged terrain.

Then – there it was!  A natural stone bridge!  Although I was a little afraid to walk across it (it was narrow in the middle and a fall would be disastrous), I lived up to my sun sign of Sagittarius, described as “half human, half horse” by astrologers and “half horse’s arse” by me after a lifetime of experience.


On the way out, I visited the country store.

P.S.  I finished Stephen King’s 11-22-63.  I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say it was the way it should be.

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