Slate Run Historical Living Farm

If you like history, and the outdoors, Slate Run Living Historical Farm might be of interest to you. Admission is free, by the way, and as it’s on the Fairfield-Pickaway County line it doesn’t take much gasoline to get there.
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The house, built in 1856, is described by the Columbus Metro Parks’ website as “gothic revival.” It was authentically restored. The upstairs bedroom areas are now offices, and off limits to visitors, but guests are welcome to tour the kitchen, living room, and parlor (“front room”).

The last time I visited, volunteers were busy canning.
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Everything about the farm is authentic which means that women work inside the house and men do the farm work. It also means there is no electricity and no gasoline powered tractors.

Having been raised in a small old farmhouse with what are considered antiques (but were just hand-me-downs from previous generations), I see familiar items at Slate Run.

This corner knick-knack holder looks just like one that hung in my old bedroom.
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The treadle sewing machine in the living room reminds me of the one my mother had before she bought a new “portable” Singer. After I married, I picked up a treadle for $20, thinking it would be easier to use than newer, fancier models. After many attempts, I have never learned how to sew.
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Next time I’ll post photos of the barn, other outbuildings and the farm animals.
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blog post photo

The farm is closed Mondays and three legal holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a pleasant place to escape modern life, and also to realize how lucky 21st life is in comparison to the 1880s.

Here is a map of the farm:

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