Meanwhile, back at the gulch…

When we last left our story, FF and I were wandering the countryside enjoying the Moonville Tunnel and Cemetery.

Before we found the Moonville graveyard, we learned about the Keeton Cemetery, next to Lake Hope.  Here are pictures:

According to the Lake Hope History Tour brochure, Hope Furnace was one of forty-six iron furnaces in the “hanging rock” region.  Charcoal fires burned twenty-four hours a day to produce iron, which was then shipped out to manufacture many different items including ammunition and cannons for the Union Army.

After visiting the iron furnace ruins, we decided to hit the road without searching for (hiking to) the Pioneer Cemetery.

We were tired.

Of course we were tired!  As FF pointed out, we aren’t marathon runners.

We were hungry.

Of course we were hungry!  A quaint little diner – perhaps an 1800’s Mel flipping flapjacks, topped with freshly churned butter – was nowhere to be seen.  Even if there ever had been a place to eat some vittles, the town of Moonville was long gone.   We didn’t even see any remnants of foundations.

This was a pleasant day trip, and Lord willin’, the creek didn’t rise, and I didn’t have to use my new cross necklace to protect us from any evil spirits.  Although there were pick-up trucks everywhere, with good ol’ boys out huntin’ deer, we didn’t get shot at even once!  We might not have had to wear red for protection.

Thanks to suggestions from readers, we will be going back to the area to check out the King Tunnel, reported to be even bigger and spookier than Moonville.  We will also return to the area to scope out the Pioneer Cemetery and Ceremonial Mound.  We probably won’t make it back until spring, though.
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