Horseshoe Grave, Otterbein Cemetery, Perry County

The first time I ever heard about this grave was years ago when the Columbus newspaper ran a feature in the Sunday edition.  My then fiance (who eventually became my husband and father of our two children) loaded me up in his TR-6 and we set off to investigate.   We didn’t take pictures then, but I wish we had, because the stone has deteriorated (a nice way of saying it has fallen victim to vandals) in the remaining years.  For some reason I decided to visit the grave again.   Here are pictures from earlier this year.

According to the legend, Mary, wife of John Henry, died in childbirth.   Shortly after John remarried, what looked to be a bloody imprint of a horsehoe appeared on the back of her tombstone.   Not long after, John’s second wife found John’s body in the barn, with the imprint of a horseshoe on his face.

blog post photo

blog post photo

The grave is located at the far end of the cemetery, by itself.  I don’t know where Mary’s husband is buried, nor the second wife.    Any information anyone has on the family would be most welcome.

The mark looks genuine to me.   At one time I heard that this is the second gravestone, and both had the blood imprint, but I don’t know if that is true or not.  I’ve also heard that the horseshoe glows in the night.

One thing I do know, however, is that I would NEVER visit this grave after dark.

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