Family Friend Takes Me Graveyard Hoppin’

F.F. and I seldom have the same days off, so yesterday he led a jail break, sprung me from work at noon, and drove to an old cemetery on the west side (Frank Road) of Columbus which he recently discovered.

We parked on a side street and as we approached our destination I wondered how we were going to get in.  I guess we could hop the fence.  F.F. thought it more likely we would take a dive trying.

Although this rusty padlock would stop most mortals, F.F. figured out how to untie the equally rusted chain (no key to the lock required).

There is a memorial to war veterans, and by “war”, we mean Revolutionary, War of 1812 and War Between the States.


Capt. E.D. House, Co. A, 60th 0 Vol. ___

Born Oct. 16, 1836

Died Dec. 23, 1878

“He Died for His Country”

This appears to be transplanted from another cemetery.

We’ve heard of Alkire Road.

We swung by Greenlawn on the way back to work, with F.F. showing off his considerable knowledge by using the lesser known back gate.

Little Georgie is ready for spring showers.

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