F.F. and I Explore Olentangy Caverns

Last week I decided to see what Olentangy Caverns might have to offer.   Since I hadn’t heard from F.F. I assumed he had other plans and B.D. was working, I went by myself.

After paying admission, I walked into the house which shelters the entrance and opened the “cellar” door.  Oh, it looked awfully steep and scary and there aren’t guides this time of the year.  Maybe I should just eat the admission fee and drive on home.

First, though, went out a distress call to F.F.  “I’m at Olentangy Caverns and I’m afraid to go down by myself!”   Give him time to clean up and get there, and he’d accompany me.

Standing at the top of the steps, F.F. commented, “I’m afraid of heights.”  So am I!  And I get claustrophobic!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  F.F. went first.  After arriving on the first landing we were pleasantly surprised to see that the steps weren’t nearly as steep or deep as we feared.

Along the way we picked up a mother and eight year old son.  We were all grateful for the company.

When I asked F.F. if he wanted to squeeze through a 12 1/2 inch pass to dance the limbo under a 4 1/2 foot ceiling, he replied, “Curiosity killed the cat… and we both like cats.”

The arrowhead shaped rock is The Indian Lovers’ Bench.



When we get the time, money and courage, we are visiting another cavern.

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