Enter… Mothman (apologies to Metallica)

Upon our landing in Mason, WV, we stopped at a convenience store/gas station.  “We’re from out of state and would like to know about anything interesting to see around here.”  The clerk smiled; one of her customers laughed.

“Historical would be good.  There has to be a lot of history…”

The customer pointed us toward Point Pleasant, mentioning the Silver Bridge collapse of 1967.  He was too young to have remembered it but he certainly knew what he was talking about.  The only two other people we spoke to during our Labor Day Tour of WV also were Silver Bridge experts.  One manned the Mothman museum (a souvenir shop) and the other (we met her at the frontier cabin on the Mighty Ohio) told us that she and her mother had driven over to Gallo-police (I live in LAN-caster, not Lan-CAST-er, so I am going with native pronunciation of all towns) to do some Christmas shopping that fateful day, and shortly after their return, they noticed people standing out in their yards.  One person thought something might have fallen off the bridge.

The murals on the riverfront:


Creepy and old:



There is a little local legend about Mothman and the Silver Bridge.  I am gullible but even I don’t believe.


Mothman Festival:

After learning all things Mothman, we walked through rain to view other notable sights.  Although all three people told us about the Silver Bridge memorial, no one was able to give us exact directions and the rain was too heavy for us to aimlessly hike around.

There will be more pictures as we amble along the Mighty Ohio.  Until next time…

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