Bridge of Dreams

Two weeks ago after reading about the Bridge of Dreams in Amish Country, I was chompin’ at the bit to get there.  Today was my first opportunity.  A few minutes before hitting the road, I complained to a friend about what seems to be constant rain, and how much prettier the bridge would look with snow, not mud, as a backdrop.

Driving up Route 37, I was dismayed when freezing rain started spitting on my windshield.  No driving on icy roads!  Should I turn around?  Maybe the weather will clear up.

Into Knox County, guess what?  A snowstorm!  Should I turn back?  Am I going to be a scared little girl all my life?  What if I get stranded?  Who would I call?  B.D.?  #1 Son?  Oh, keep going.  It’ll be worth it.

The snow did let up as I neared the Bridge, and I got up the gumption to leave Route 62 and turn onto the side road, park, and make the brief hike up.

Walking across the bridge, I heard the clip-clop of horses’ hooves on the main road.  There is a special lane in the bridge for horses and buggies and although I hoped one would enjoy the trail today, the only other person I saw was a woman out for a stroll.

The outhouse was designed to replicate the Bridge.

This information from:

“Quick Description: This is Ohio’s longest covered bridge, located over the Mohican River in Knox County Ohio. The 370-foot covered bridge is located on the Mohican Valley Trail, connecting the villages of Brinkhaven and Danville.”

According to :

“Parking & Trail Access: There is parking in Danville on Tiger Valley Road (off Mickley Road), at Buckeye Road and at the Bridge of Dreams.”

The main roads were clear on the way home, but unfortunately, Mickley Road had not been plowed and I was not able to drive to visit Tiger Valley Arch.  Perhaps F.F., B.D. and I will go on a roadtrip later in the year.

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