All Hallows’ Eve

Last week a beautiful, shy calico cat had a date with destiny.  She was dumped out here awhile back, gave birth last spring, and although she enjoys her cat chow and occasionally will allow me to pet her, she has been elusive.  We can’t have another litter and it is long past time for a grab and run to the vet’s.

blog post photo

Miss Pretty is very shy and gentle.  As I found out, Miss Pretty also is the living description of the phrase “wild cat.”  Getting her into a cat carrier just inches away from her food bowl was a True All Hallow’s Eve Nightmare.

When I told a friend about my shredded hands, she quietly explained that her brother always uses work gloves when he is around animals.  “People with good sense would wear a jacket, too!  But I forgot!”   My only concern was getting her to her appointment and taken care of.

This is me in a reenactment of the ordeal:

blog post photo

On the way home I stopped to get peroxide and generic Neosporin, and today my hands are fine.

Miss Pretty came through her complete hysterectomy and will be coming home later today.

blog post photo

Many thanks to the owners of the above Halloween decorations for allowing me to take pictures.

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