All Hallow’s Eve Wedding

Tonight I had a gig at an old country cemetery where some of my ancestors are resting eternally.  I call this little girl “Sweet Caroline.”  Not only is she an ancestor, but our birth names are just about as close as can be (Caroline Alspach, Carol Alspaugh).

Several Revolutionary War veterans also reside here.  This is another one of my ancestors.

This is one of the few remaining gravestones inscribed in German.

As we left, I noticed a rainbow.

Yesterday an acquaintance told me about how he used to celebrate Hallowe’en.  It consisted of human waste (I cleaned it up as he described it more crudely), a paper bag, a match and the porch of a cranky old man who yelled at him and his friends for playing in the street.  Ah, to return to the Good Old Days!  (P.S.  The boy who did this grew up to become a highly respected professional in Columbus.)  My own youthful Hades raising on All Hallows’ Eve was tame by comparison:  Karo syrup and leaves.  (Note to my family – of course I would never do anything like that.  You know that!)

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